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What is copywriting?

Copywriting – Very often we are able to come across different advertising content in newspapers, on billboards, social networks, different banners on the sites we visit every day, without ever having wondered who writes those content. Trained professionals stand proud behind their texts satisfied with the success achieved after advertising their content. The aim of each text is to interest the reader and thus contribute to the greater profit of the company or business area to which the text relates.

For over a decade, we have been surrounded by a variety of internet content that offers us a wealth of information from different areas of life and business, as well as a wide range of products that are advertised on many sites. The most dominant weapon the internet has is the word. And it is written by a copywriter, that is, the person who produces adequate text reaches the end goal, which is informing, spreading an idea, attitude or opinion and certainly selling the desired product. This is how writing techniques are viewed as strategic delivery of the desired messages in order to lead the reader to a particular deed.


A copywriter must follow the basic structure of persuasive text, that is, established rules that clearly specify what the text should look like and what the elements should be. Some of the elements are marketing titles, subtitles etc.…

What is particularly important when it comes to writing techniques for advertising purposes, in addition to creating marketing content, is its optimization to certain standards, that is, SEO optimization, which is an integral part of copywriting. SEO optimization is about the design, coding, programming and scripting of written text, which will help the desired site containing written content to be ranked on the first pages of Google search engines with the help of keywords.

Particular attention is paid to analyzing and monitoring the effects of the created text, that is, monitoring using various types of methods and strategies to investigate whether a large number of people have done the desired action after consuming the text, so that the company whose content is written was profitable.

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