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Google Ads

Google Ads

Advertising on Google. How it works?

Carefully choose the keywords for which you want the ad to appear. If your campaign is set up properly, you can reach the right customers with relatively little investment. The ad only appears to people who searched for the word you chose, which is why it’s very effective.

The first results you see that appear almost every time you search are preceded by an „Ad“.

„Ad“ represents that search result is just a paid ad from Google’s advertising system called GoogleAds that any business can use for its own promotion.

You will only pay Google for this type of advertising when someone clicks on your ad, or when it hits your site. The budget itself will be determined by you, and you have no cost unless someone is interested in what you offer.

When determining your recommended daily budget, we take statistical and analytical data from related campaigns and based on competition from your industry. Daily budgets can be strictly defined, or we can simply let Google determine the amount of funding that will be needed to position your site.

A number of factors are responsible for the site position itself, campaigning alone is one of them, but our team will also address other factors that add a lot to the cost of the click and position, such as the quality of the site itself.

The campaigns we run are monitored daily through analytics tools and updated to help you get the best results from the funds you invest.

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