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As a good party without a pretty girl is unimaginable, modern business today cannot prosper without being online. And that’s where your potential customers are waiting for you, so should you, your services and products. It is not only more important to have a site, but it is also necessary for that site to create a strong reputation, greater visibility and better positioning of businesses on the Internet. This requires a warm cup of coffee in the cozy atmosphere of the cafes where we will jointly achieve a productive exchange of ideas and opportunities. At the contracted initial meeting together we find adequate solutions in design and functional sense.

There is a lot of work to be done to build a quality website so that everything fits neatly into one integrated whole. In addition to the site design itself, it is necessary to consider:

  • Studying competition. Analysis of sites related to the same or the same activity.

  • The speed of your new website. It depends on the good optimization of the site itself and the speed of the server where the web site is located.

  • The site should be created so that the content on it can be easily corrected

  • Integration of the site with social networks – facebook, instagram, twitter, google +. Social networking profiles play the role of advertising your site and at the same time affect your better search engine positioning.

  • Create responsive site layout for all desktop browsers (IE, Chrome, Mozzilla, Opera ..) as well as for mobile phones and tablets Website optimization for Google, Yahoo and other search engines

If your old site is no longer „in“, outdated and not racing the winning race with your competitors, or you think it’s time for a simple „online refresh“, we are here to do a complete website redesign for you, starting with the company’s logo, slogan to the full look, and as soon as possible.

WEb shop

Online sales have become a trend in recent years in Serbia, but real expansion is still nowhere near its maximum. A web store is an essential ingredient in most online sales strategies because it is open on the global market and available at all times.

What makes each web store so special is that they don’t know about vacations, they work non-stop – day and night, weekdays and holidays, and are available to all shoppers online at all times.

Another advantage of this so-called “shop” today is the lack of employee recruitment costs, as web shops are 100% automated and very easy to use for the end user.

In order to maximize its profits with the help of the web store, the company starts researching and analyzing the market niche, identifying the target group, as a starting point in its development.

Do you have a vision? Turn your ideas into reality with us and grow your online business!

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